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Glascott Residence : Renovation and Addition : Union Pier, MI






Private Residence - St. Joseph, Michigan


This vacation residence along the shore of Lake Michigan is slated to begin construction in 2013 and completed in the following year. It will be primarily a stone-clad finish with expanses of thermally insulated and shaded glass. Floors include a full basement, two full levels and a loft. Balconies from the upper levels overlook the lake, and a stone patio opens up to the views. On the interior, interchangeable light rails allow for a variety of art displays, and stacked fireplaces flank the open main floor. Undulating wood trellis ceiling elements mirror the waves of the lake, as well as accommodate custom light fixtures. Other amenities include a four car garage, a wine cellar, a gymnasium, a billiard room and a yoga studio.





Private Residence Renovation and Addition - St. Joseph, Michigan


The Owners loved their home’s location on the Lake Michigan beach, but their existing one-story home with a loft was dated and required a major renovation on a minor budget. Existing windows and doors would be reused, along with the existing wiring, piping and ductwork and exposed, low cost structural components were utilized, and provided a natural finish while maximizing view and increasing feeling of spaciousness. Glass railing was installed not only on the exterior decks, but also inside the home to provide uninterrupted views of the lake as well as opening up the volume of the interior spaces and allowing borrowed light throughout. Upon construction, the home received an energy audit and was awarded a five star home energy rating. The refreshing color palette with its exposed natural finishes provided a timeless update to the home, and a subtle beauty to the street scene along the shoreline of Lake Michigan.



Private Residence, New Home Construction - St. Joseph, Michigan


The project included a complete demolition of an existing older home and the construction of a new residence in the State Street Historic District of St. Joseph, Michigan. The house was designed to be historically compatible with its neighbors, but with contemporary features, including modern energy efficient factors and sustainable design elements.