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A central wheel-house kitchen was incorporated into the design to separate the sixteen foot high rounded ceilings in the living/dining wing on one side of the kitchen from the bedrooms, laundry, mud room, and garage of the other backstage wing. The entry hall next to the kitchen serves as a transition line between the private and semi-public areas.

Energy conservative sustainable green technologies were integrated into the home including radiant floor heat, high R value soy bean based spray on insulation, 100% recycled glass tile, rigid roof insulation, super insulated foundation walls and slab floor, interior inert non-toxic milk paint, as well as a high efficiency furnace and fireplace.

Major finish interior materials used include bluestone, bamboo, aluminum and glass. The cabinets and built-ins are made of bamboo with the simple bamboo core material exposed edges rather than banded. Heat absorbing, blue Solex glass panels were placed at the top of the homes sloped glazing then descending into a very lightly tinted main viewing panel minimizing solar gain while preserving the light quality of the main space.

The exterior walls were articulated according to interior function with terra-cotta red roman brick and colored mortar to match. The backstage wing and entry walls are yellow/buff cement stucco with anodized aluminum channels. A “turf-paved” grass driveway was also incorporated into the design.


Long Beach Modern Residence

Long Beach, Indiana

The owner’s idea of “home” is minimalist and energy conscious. Their new twenty-two hundred square foot retirement home located on a northern Indiana dune overlooking Lake Michigan is just that.