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Expressed with a stair and library tower and centering the two axis, the northerly wing houses the master bedroom and garage and on the oblique axis the kitchen, dining, living, loom room, two bedrooms, baths, recreational room, and mechanical room are located. This curving entryway transitions up and into the front door through the flanking terraced gardens, flower planter and covered foyer porch area. This pin-wheel like plan manages the circulation efficiently from the stair at each level, and is connected to the formal entry as well as the garage service entry. The straight forward rectangular wings express their plans functionally inline with each dune ridge lines minimizing the contour changes and intuitively nesting the home into the site.

The owners and architect were in strong agreement regarding the requirement that natural sustainable non-toxic materials would be used throughout the home. The owners are also very environmentally conscious and sincerely love nature. They make their own clothes from llama and sheep wool which they sheer themselves, grow a vegetable garden, have various interactive animal habitat preserves around their home and are stewards of a large section of set-a-side duneland secluded from any neighbors.

Our charge was to provide a uniquely efficient organic home that has become a background for their family’s environmental lifestyle education and enjoyment. The home is very well insulated using 10” speclam roof panels, continuous perimeter foundation and 2” rigid insulation. Soft woods, eastern white pine and Douglas-fir are used and are managed wood products. Reclaimed industrial teak floor, found though the AIA website, was used for the flooring. Low E windows, concrete floors, lo-voc paint, ipe wood was used for the decks, countertops and flooring inlays; high efficiency forced air furnaces were all incorporated into the design. Precast concrete garage floors were used allowing for inexpensive unheated storage mechanical spaces below the garage. Other sustainable products and cost saving strategies were integrated into the project as well.


Lake Township Dune Home

Lake Township, Michigan

A southwestern Michigan rolling forested dune site created and inspired a unique footprint for this environmentally friendly and sustainable home. Along with the owners’ programmatic requirements, the oblique convergence of two dune ridges organized the plan around a central stair hinge point.