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Maintaining a low-cost standard kit of parts to assure a one hundred dollar per square foot budget, we designed the home to be buffered and nested into a dune valley situated between very tall dunes. Structural insulated roof panels were fastened to standard pine trusses over super insulated walls and unit masonry foundations developing a living area of this three thousand square foot home. The “as is” application of standard materials with a minimum or no finishing helped maintain the budget and provide a comfortable and warm interior. Additionally, mentored intern-architects, family members and friends contributed to this very satisfying, educational design and green construction process.

The home’s footprint was minimized and solar components were interoduced and upgraded insulation values were incorporated. Third grade wood was used for the floors and trim and as many materials as possible were finished with linseed oil or tung oil. Natural and low-outgasing materials were used throughout.

The site was monitored daily to maintain Critical Dune non-erosion construction practices, and only four trees greater than four caliper inches were removed. It was a learning experience for all involved.


Livingston Beach Spec Home

Livingston Beach
Lake Township, Michigan

Architect/Builder development home with lake view porch space.

Sustainable and environmentally sensitive communities can be demonstrated by homes which are low energy consuming as well as low cost. Leading the roles of Architect, Contractor, Planner and Owner, the architect wanted the first and all of the homes in Livingston Beach to be a demonstration of sustainable, green and low cost space, but we also wanted it to be an architectural statement.